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Counting The Days Of Pleasure And Pain, Pregnancy 1st Week to 36th Week

Stages of pregnancy can have mixed feeling of joy and fear, blended with nervousness. However, what scares most women the most is the lack of knowledge regarding what happens to the body during Pregnancy week by week till the delivery of the baby. The following information intends to clear all your doubts regarding what happens during the pregnancy period and what changes take place in your body.

Counting The Days Of Pleasure And Pain, Pregnancy 1st Week to 36th Week

  • 1st To 4th week
  • This is the period during pregnancy when the sperm is transformed into a zygote. Zygote is the basic form of life that helps in the fertilization of the eggs.

  • 5th To 8th week
  • With the beginning of the 5th week, the pregnant woman starts exhibiting the early symptoms of pregnancy. There are various pregnancy tests that confirms these symptoms. With the beginning of the 6th week, the heart of the baby usually starts beating and by the end of the 8th pregnancy week, the fetus also start developing the rudimentary limbs.

  • 9th To 12th week
  • The period between the 9th and 12th week of the pregnancy is the time when the body of the pregnant woman begins to expand in order to make some room for the developing fetus that is also growing body parts now. Subsiding nausea and morning sickness are other two changes that your body starts facing now.

  • 13th To 16th week
  • Pregnancy week by week reaches the 13th week, and the bones of the baby start getting harder. This is also the time when the baby starts making some movement in the womb. When you make a visit to the doctor, the doctor may also let you hear the heartbeat of your baby.

  • 17th To 20th week
  • This is the period for the baby to develop the internal organs, that too, at a rapid pace. During this period, the fetus is covered with a soft fine hair, also known as lanugo. After 17th week, using ultrasound, the doctor can also detect the gender of the baby.

  • 21st To 24th week
  • Pregnancy week by week when reaches the 21st week, the pregnant woman starts feeling a little contractions because during this time, the uterus start making the preparation for the delivery. The baby also starts practicing breathing so that it should be convenient at the time of the birth. During this stage of pregnancy development, the baby also starts developing fat deposits so that it could regulate the temperature of the body at the time of the birth.

  • 24th To 28th week
  • This is the period when the baby starts hearing muffled outside sounds as well as they are also able to sense light at this stage of pregnancy. However, you might feel a slowdown in the movement of the baby. However, there is nothing to worry about that because this usually happens because of the lack of space in the uterus.

  • 29th To 32nd Week
  • When the pregnancy week by week reaches the 29th week, the head of the baby starts growing at a rapid pace in proportion to the rest of the body.

  • 33rd To 36th week
  • During this period, the length of the baby usually reaches somewhere around 16 inches and the weight approximately 4 pounds.

When the pregnancy week by week reaches 37th week, the major organs of the baby are fully developed and you must be ready for the new arrival.

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